Kenneth Goldsmith talks to Kathrin Jira about writing in the internet age, double standards in literature, and the rigors of uncreativity

A Summer Chronicle, part 8: Natasha Stagg about Trump's irreversible damage, "manic" heart racing and a not so happy Chris Kraus

 George W. Bush

A Summer Chronicle, part 7: Natasha Stagg about pre-post-truth innocence and George W. Bush at the gym

 Detail aus  Flowers (set 1)  (2015)

Detail aus Flowers (set 1) (2015)

 Michael Portnoy,  Progressive Touch - Total Body Language Reprogramming (2017), Photos: Suzie & Léo

Michael Portnoy, Progressive Touch - Total Body Language Reprogramming (2017), Photos: Suzie & Léo

A Summer Chronicle, part 6: Natasha Stagg about a Nine Inch Nails concert, VIP areas at music festivals, and her life

 Mark Manders Dry Clay Head (2015–16) 

Mark Manders, Dry Clay Head (2015–16) 

A Summer Chronicle, part 5: Natasha Stagg attends a wedding and meets her idol, everything else is shit

 AKA Musio K © AKA, LLC

AKA, Musio K, © AKA, LLC

Nanobots und Nationalismus, Design, Arbeit und Angst – die Co-Kuratorin der Vienna Biennale, Marlies Wirth. und der Medienwissenschaftler Paul Feigelfeld im Gespräch mit Maximilian Geymüller