Spike invites you to change the art world

Art Leak 3000, an online forum for writing about art with the freedom that comes from anonymity, launches today. Everybody is welcome to participate here.

Your posts and comments will contribute to a discussion of the urgent problems of the art world. Is political art always a sham? Why is the art world still so white and male? Why is there so much bad writing about art? Why are there so many poems as press releases? Do you make enough money? Do artists still believe in what they are doing? 

Today anonymity means independence – from the art market and the art world, as well as from the pressure to network and promote oneself. This is why everything written on Art Leak 3000 is anonymous. Writing should thus again become a political act that can, through the greatest possible openness, address and redefine the conditions in which art finds itself today.

Art Leak 3000 is an art project by Spike, produced in response to an invitation from DISCREET.

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