Dean Kissick 

 Still from  Quadrophenia  (1979)

Still from Quadrophenia (1979)

In this month’s column, Dean Kissick writes about what happens when subcultures emerge from the underbelly of the internet, Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies, and how the culture wars of the 90s have come back to haunt us

In this month's column, Dean Kissick shares his diary of the preview days of documenta 14 in Kassel
and Skulptur Projekte Münster

 Video still from Coca-Cola's 1971 commercial "I want to teach the world to sing"

Still from Coca-Cola's 1971 commercial "I want to teach the world to sing"

In this month's column, Dean Kissick goes back to the Summer of Love to understand how we landed in our atomised present.

 Chiho Aoshima  City Glow , 2005

Chiho Aoshima 
City Glow, 2005

In this month’s column, Dean Kissick looks at Superflat America, the rise of hikikomori and their connections to alt-right meme culture.

 Richard Prince Untitled (cowboy), 1980-1989

Richard Prince
Untitled (cowboy), 1980-1989

In this month’s column, Dean Kissick considers Richard Prince's disavowal of his artwork and the destabilisation of reality.

In his monthly column, Dean Kissick examines the culture of a collapsing society.

Dean Kissick reports from the world’s largest video game conference and trade show

Microcelebrities are the heroes of our time. A conversation with Deanna Havas and Bunny Rogers helps get to grips with a phenomenon that is transforming the nature of fame. By Dean Kissick

M.I.A's campaign to help greenwash H&M is a catastrophe. Edward Snowden is collaborating with Jean-Michel Jarre on a techno track. Lady Gaga visited Assange when he was first on the lam. All of this is totally horrible and wrong. Dean Kissick explains why and asks: How powerful is soft power? And what does it mean to be "radical chic" today?

 The Vision of Tondal Hieronymus Bosch (attributed)

The Vision of Tondal
Hieronymus Bosch (attributed)

Hieronymus Bosch's work hasn't just withstood the test of time; his paintings and illustrations currently on display at the Noordbranants Museum emerge from the archive with uncanny contemporaneity. Los Angeles based writer Dean Kissick puts Bosch's 500 year old esoterica into dialogue with a variety of images circulating our modern visual economy.

 Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder

Dean Kissick discusses the shifting value of the term “artist” in our current state of global affairs and the complicity between Comedien Nathan Fielder and political figures from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin.

 Beauty and the Beast , 1991,   film still 

Beauty and the Beast, 1991, film still 

If 72% of 18 to 25-year-olds say they can express their feelings better though using emojis than words what does that mean for the future of written language? Dean Kissick discuses Starbucks conspiracy theories, ordering Domino’s pizza and if heartbreak can be conveyed by pictures of anthropomorphic food.

 Photo: G etty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The buzz in the build-up had all been about Caitlyn Jenner — attending, or possibly walking the catwalk. In the end she didn't come to the show — this Givenchy show, where fashion and art would celebrate their latest reunion. The BFF‘s Marina Abramović and designer Ricardo Tisci constructed a favela-inspired setting to combine runway show and art performance. Our writer Dean Kissick was not amused.

De-evolution against the existential terror of everyday life is still trending. The designer Thomas Thwaites commissioned a set of special prosthetics and decided to spend a couple of days living as a goat. His experiment makes Dean Kissick think about modern communication, the Paleo diet, ancient satyrs, and Miley Cyrus.

 Still from Rihanna’s intentionally controversial video “BBHMM”

Still from Rihanna’s intentionally controversial video “BBHMM”

From Donald Trump to Rihanna, True Detective, and 50 Cent: this summer a new theatricality has become evident in American culture. The congruence of camp and violence has given us Young Thug, a rapper who calls his guns “dicks” for reasons nobody knows.

 Juergen Teller / System

Juergen Teller / System

Of course you've already seen the pictures Juergen Teller took of himself with the rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, the Inventress of Selfie. Our author explains why it takes an age of the grotesque to make Kim's posterior into a work of art.