Ella Plevin

This month Ella Plevin slides her way in and out of “thin places” and finds that there’s plenty of nothing to think about (except the number sixty-four).  

For this month’s column, ELLA PLEVIN visits “Life Death Rebirth” at the Royal Academy of Arts and London's Wearable Technology and Digital Health Technology Show

 Photo: Ella Plevin

Photo: Ella Plevin

Reviewed by Ella Plevin

 A trunk full of slime eels exploding on an Oregon highway

A trunk full of slime eels exploding on an Oregon highway

ELLA PLEVIN overdoses on JG Ballard and changes the name of her column

We seem to be living through the revival of esotericism and technobelief in a disenchanted age, but what we are witnessing is no comeback. The gods we pray to and spells we cast have, in fact, been here all along, now they just bear different names. The reality is that the Enlightenment has yet to come… By Ella Plevin

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Ella Plevin reports from the Serpentine Work Marathon 2018

 Still from  Make it new John  (2009)

ELLA PLEVIN goes night bus top deck Fassbinder for her August column

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