With Heidi Ballet, Chris Dercon and Tirdad Zolghadr at Spike Berlin / April 21, 2017

Beau Dick
22 masks from the series Atlakim (1990-2012)
Photo: Mathias Völzke

Michel Auder
Gulf War TV War (1991, edited 2007)

Edi Hila
Comers (2016-17)
Photo: Mathias Völzke

 Angelo Plessas

Angelo Plessas
Photo: Stathis Mamalakis

Recommendations from Angelo Plessas
& Andreas Angelidakis

 Photo: Alexander Coggin

Photo: Alexander Coggin

Can art still be fun?

 Dana Schutz,  Open Casket  (2016), Oil on canvas, Collection of the artist; courtesy Petzel, New York.

Dana Schutz, Open Casket (2016), Oil on canvas, 99 x 135 cm; Collection of the artist; courtesy Petzel, New York.

Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, on Bob Flanagan’s Visiting Hours (1994)

Andrew Berardini on Jimmie Durham's retrospective at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles

Talk at Spike Berlin with philosopher Armen Avanessian & curator Christian Kobald, March 15, 2017

 Chiho Aoshima  City Glow , 2005

Chiho Aoshima 
City Glow, 2005

In this month’s column, Dean Kissick looks at Superflat America, the rise of hikikomori and their connections to alt-right meme culture.

William Kherbek on Laurie Anderson’s performance at Transmediale 2017 in Berlin