Candice Breitz Love Story  (2016, film still)

Candice Breitz
Love Story (2016, film still)

 Photo: Egor Slizyak

Photo: Egor Slizyak

Does the feed change our experience of time?

 Still from  Arthur  (1981)

Still from Arthur (1981)

A Summer Chronicle, part 3: Natasha Stagg observes the day to day life of New York's Upper East Side while sitting in a coffee shop offering 26$ wedge salads

 Still from  Quadrophenia  (1979)

Still from Quadrophenia (1979)

In this month’s column, Dean Kissick writes about what happens when subcultures emerge from the underbelly of the internet, Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies, and how the culture wars of the 90s have come back to haunt us

 Cover of Vogue in June 1932

Cover of the June 1932 Vogue (detail)

A Summer Chronicle, part 2: Natasha Stagg writes about working in the fashion-magazine world and loneliness on Independence Day

One day of lectures at Spike Berlin featuring Jeni Fulton, Jeremy Gilbert, Tariq Goddard, Shama Khanna, Christian Kobald, Carl Neville, Warren Neidich, Seb Olma, and Alexander Scrimgeour / 8 July, 2017

Photo: Philippe Gerlach

Photo: Philippe Gerlach

Photo: Philippe Gerlach

See Marcelo Cipis' exhibition at Spike Berlin

 Ibrahim Mahama Check Point Prosfygika. 1934-2034. 2016-2017  (2017) Photo: Mathias Völzke

Ibrahim Mahama
Check Point Prosfygika. 1934-2034. 2016-2017 (2017)
Photo: Mathias Voelzke

Alexander Scrimgeour gets to the bottom of the problem that is the Athens instalment of Documenta

A Summer Chronicle, part 1. Natasha Stagg writes about families, fantasies, and flying

The New York Times virtual-reality app takes Rob Horning to deep space, to the front lines in Falluja or to artist’s studios. But once you have stepped inside these worlds, it's not clear what you are supposed to do there.

A performative lecture by Warren Neidich at Spike Berlin / 21 June, 2017