Artist Talk: Omer Krieger

On Tuesday, 27 February at Soho House Berlin, Omer Krieger will show-and-tell some of the organized catastrophes, prophetic compositions, and disruptive ceremonies he has staged in public space.

Haus-Rucker-Co at Lentos Museum

In Linz, a playground of inflatables, wearables, and other whimsical inventions refresh the art and architecture group’s utopianism for our gloomy present.

Rebecca Ackroyd at Kestner Gesellschaft

In Hanover, a nightmarish re-staging of Victorian femininity casts reproductive technologies as tools of control as much as of emancipation.

Doris Guo at Empty Gallery

Mounted in Hong Kong in contrapuntal pairs, an exhibition of photographs beside the artist’s mother’s works finesses the breakages of migration and the limits of familial understanding.

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Released on occasion on Spike’s Issue #75 - »The Museum Issue«.
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An image for the showcase module titled, "SPIKE ISSUE #78 – OUT NOW!"

Spike’s Winter issue is a beacon lit to rescue The Night.

Long held under suspicion as the domain of outcasts and phantoms, the night has come under pressure to extend the horizon of work and production.

What faith, the state, and capital fear are the perils and promises of the dark’s formlessness: to withdraw into the pure solitude of sleep and dreams’ unreason; to blush with the pure elation of dance and a rave’s ephemeral friendships; even to have one’s edges undone by the murmurs of ghosts or a celestial sign.

Need a break from the tyranny of the sun? Then light a candle, a headlamp, a flare – anything but your phone – and follow us into the possibility of the night.

Featuring Mark Leckey, Ellen Cantor, Gertrude Stein, Piotr Uklański, P.Staff, Josephine Pryde, Blackhaine, Diego Marcon, Ingrid Wiener, Olivier Assayas, Jamieson Webster, Steven-Phillips-Horst, and other nocturnal luminaries.

Wong Ping at MAK
By Leonie Huber

In Vienna, animated allegories of Hong Kong’s political quandaries and the global desensualizations of the internet overflow with sex, puns, and high-speed chaos.

Art-making in Kyiv’s Warped Present
By Philipp Hindahl

Between air-raid sirens, artists and curators in the Ukrainian capital buckle down in rewriting history, memorializing the right now, and prefiguring life after war.

On Luxury
By Joanna Walsh

Is luxury just a signifier of wealth, or can it exist without class? As with any fashion phenomenon, what appears like a matter of economy turns out to be a question of gender, too.

Emilio Prini at MACRO
By Eleonora Milani

In Rome, an encyclopedic show of anti-commodities, auto-documentations, and studies in emptiness typifies the arte povera prankster’s notion of work as unfinishable.

The Highs and Lows of transmediale 2024
By Adina Glickstein

Backdropped by artist withdrawals and a live-streamed invasion, Spike’s editor-at-large shares her Berlin festival notes on tactical cuteness, short-circuiting censors, and engaging in the mess IRL.

Rirkrit Tiravanija at MoMA PS1
By Aodhan Madden

Transcending relational aesthetics, a New York retrospective catalogues the artist’s troubling of Western objecthood and the commodification of “Tiravanija” in a globalized art world.

Piotr Uklański, Untitled (Dance Floor), 1996
By Daniel Baumann

In 1996, the Polish artist’s minimalist floor sculpture recast Gavin Brown’s NYC gallery as a disco, distilling the elation of dance and the melancholy of its era’s unfulfillable promise.

Of Stolen Nights
By Jacob Bard-Rosenberg

What if the permanent illumination of the modern city was never meant to be a gift of industrialization, but a way to flush out the nighttime’s underclass and liberate the factory from the sun?

The Puppet’s Nightmare and Other Bedtime Stories
By Charlie Fox

Is it always Diego Marcon’s puppets going bump in the night? The humans and beasts in his deranged melodramas linger on like insomniac reminders that “reality” is only a lifelike facade.

Dismantling The House Tech Built: Mimi Ọnụọha
By Alexandra Gilliams

Jailbreaking the algorithmic violence of Big Tech’s new toys, the Brooklyn-based artist creates shelters for nuance amid the growing storm of datification.

Live Players Pt. 1
By Sean Monahan

Is that a real tastemaker, or four rich guys and some code in a trench coat? A leading trend forecaster stakes out new forms of agency in our rudderless cultural moment.

Real Costumes for Real Dreams: Ottolinger
By Spike

Fresh off Paris Fashion Week, Local luminaries Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient on false timelessness, what not to wear in the Alps, and which of their looks get scanned twice at airport security.

Nicole-Antonia Spagnola at Felix Gaudlitz
By Spike

In Vienna, the kid-avatar of “DIY or DIE” is barely big enough to play their guitar.

Tishan Hsu at Secession
By Ramona Heinlein

Deliriously vibrating between wonder and unease, an exhibition in Vienna deepens the artist’s probe into the fusion of bodies and machines.

The Will to Exhaust: Pope.L
By Adrienne Edwards

Whether eating a financial daily shred by shred or crawling along all of Broadway, the late artist pried open the joists of capital and race in the American id via abjection, precarity, and play.

On Predictions
By Joanna Walsh

Can style be eternal and yet evolve, or are we just addicted to prediction? Joanna Walsh explains why skinny jeans are both in and out, and why it’s impossible to wear what’s actually in fashion.

Niko Pirosmani at Fondation Beyeler
By Rebecka Domig

Stocked with folkish motifs in pitch-dark frames, a retrospective in Basel captures the tavern painter’s singularity during the eruption of Georgian modernism.

Getting in via the Glitch: Mindy Seu
By Tina Rivers Ryan

The author of the Cyberfeminism Index talks decoding the social stack, embedding politics in book design, and raiding the resources of forever institutions.

Dum Dum Boys
By Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

Does all the leather on LA corners mean rockstars are in again? A recovering sex columnist on straight men dressing gay and the groupie as style’s new muse.

So What About 2023?
By Matilda Lin Berke, Michelle Cotton, Sandro Droschl, Dean Kissick, Geoffrey Mak, Francesco Tenaglia, and Issy Wood

What’s left from the year that was? A lucky septet of writers, curators, and artists review the sweetnesses lingering on their tongues and the splinters still stuck under their skins.

“After Laughter Comes Tears” at Mudam
By Isabella Zamboni

Queued up in four parts, a performative exhibition in Luxembourg copes with post-industrialism’s many identity crises in a chart-topper’s exuberant register.

To Boldly Go: William Shatner, Celebrity Artist
By David Robbins

Action figure, ad man, omnipresent voiceover: Before the era of overnight fame, the captain of the starship Enterprise pioneered the use of celebrity as an artistic medium by saying yes at every turn.

Ed Atkins at Gladstone Gallery
By Travis Diehl

In New York, Atkins’s new videos magic away the fourth wall between art and audience and manifest the grotesqueries of getting too close.

After-Memories of the Shoah in The Zone of Interest
By Nolan Kelly

Set in the literal shadow of Auschwitz, Jonathan Glazer’s new film suggests how history’s greatest crime will be recalled when its last survivors and witnesses have all passed on.