New Localism

The endless circuit of global fairs, exhibitions, and biennials once kept the art world perpetually in motion, but Corona has put a stop to all of this, blocking the easy paths to jet-setting. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Or can we nd solace and community in our own backyards, with only glimpses of goings-on abroad from our overly Zoom’ed sofas?

“In crisis, norms are suspended, especially in terms of time. The notion of past and future is replaced by a permanent and catastrophic present, hunkering down in one’s community to survive today, tomorrow, this week. At the time of writing, most art capitals sit behind national travel bans, and producers and audiences alike are forced to turn their attention to the offerings of their immediate environment, foregoing their once-itinerant life- styles for a New Localism. The pandemic is exposing exactly how internationalism creates alienation from local milieus. Is this the future – and if so, how are we to deal with it?”

– The full text appears in Spike #66. You can buy it in our online shop –