In his column Dean Kissick writes about Neïl Beloufa's controversial show "L'Ennemi de mon ennemi" at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and explores what it says about protest in our "byzantine circulatory system of images".

A conversation between Jonas Lund and Patricia Reed at Spike Berlin in cooperation with PAM 2018 /March 16, 2018

 "Freedom is our religion" hoarding/billboard on Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) 

Hoarding on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) 

Spike editor Alexander Scrimgeour visits Kyiv, capital of a nation working through its recent past, and tries make sense of its complicated present – through contemporary art.

Installation view, © MAK/Georg Mayer

By Mohammad Salemy

 Photo: Robert Hamacher

Photo: Robert Hamacher

Meeting Jordan Wolfson at Schinkel Pavillon

An interview with the founders of Nonfood, the company that challenges earth's eating habits.

In his first column of 2018 Dean Kissick writes about going crazy for crypto. How did the blockchain's promise of immutable truth turn into an opaque cultural spectacle? 

 Gelitin Fumami (2017)

Fumami (2017)

By Barbara Casavecchia

An interview with Andrew Berardini and Chris Sharp, the curators of “The Lulennial II: A Low Hanging Fruit”, which opened in Mexico City this week.

 Performance Tamara Cubas, Foto: Alexi Pelekanos

Performance Tamara Cubas, Foto: Alexi Pelekanos

Ein dreitägiges Festival markierte die Neueröffnung des Tanzquartiers Wien. Gianna Virginia Prein hat daraus Schlüsse für die Zukunft gezogen.