#42 Winter 2014

Almost two hundred pages, centered on one topic: "Forgetting". Where does the sense of the ahistorical come from in many recent works, in particular those associated with post-Internet art? Why do younger artists openly admit that they don't think (art) history is all that important to their work?

Artist Hito Steyerl, the New York-based collective DIS, and the art historian Susanne von Falkenhausen discuss the radical changes happening to art in consequence of the acceleration of flows of images, money, and data. The curator Kasper König talks about the market as a memory machine, the cultural theorist Mark Fisher writes on the disappearance of the present. In one of his rare interviews, Oswald Wiener talks about cybernetics and the standstill of art and science. Spike profiles the LA artist Samara Golden, and takes a new look at the Conceptual art pioneer On Kawara. In addition, Karen Kilimnik, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tom Burr, and others offer visual forms of engagement with the idea of forgetting.

Horse and Woman
The Darknet at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Ryan Trecartin at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Helene Schjerfbeck at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Georg Baselitz at Haus der Kunst in Munich, Vienna Art Week, 55th October Salon in Belgrade, Anna Bella Geiger at Mendes Wood DM in Sao Paulo.
or the things we like: By Susanne Zander, Eva Wilson, Cécile B. Evans, Roger Bundschuh, Jon Leon
By Karen Kilimnik, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tom Burr, Verena Dengler, Rafaël Rozendaal