Jon Rafman

Still from Still Life (Betamale), 2013, single-channel video, 4:54 min, courtesy of Jon Rafman Studios

“People are repeating history without the knowledge of their doing so.”

Still from Jon Rafman’s and Daniel Lopatin’s Sticky Drama, 2015 HD video, 10:34 min 

Courtesy Jon Rafman Studios and Daniel Lopatin 

Aaron Moulton talks to Jon Rafman

 Julien Nguyen Noli me tangere, Caesaris sum (2018, detail)

Julien Nguyen
Noli me tangere, Caesaris sum (2018, detail)

DEAN KISSICK on why beauty today wishes to float free of our bodies

Torbjørn Rødland
Installation view Enamel Support at the dental clinic of Danielle Heller Fontana

Manifesta 11 / Wolfgang Träger

Jon Kessler
Installation view The World Is Cuckoo at Les Ambassadeurs watch shop

Manifesta 11 / Wolfgang Träger

Marguerite Humeau
Installation view When Skies are not named yet (I) at ETH Zurich

Manifesta 11 / Eduard Meltzer

 Photo by Amalia Ulman

Photo by Amalia Ulman

What does it mean today to have a life with kids, to have a life in art, and to live a life? Why are children and the artist's life so hard to unite? Or is this a false assumption? Spike Art Daily dedicates a series of interviews to the problematic relationship that the art industry has with its offspring. In this interview Lauren Boyle and Marco Roso, two of the four members of DIS, talk about why the concept of family is just "too much for the art world" and the differences between raising kids in Berlin and New York.