Artist Talk

“Dill and Lemon are Mercury's Foods”

“There are 9 ingredients to this ritual altogether, and one of them is a giant crystal grid stretching through the middle of the USA. I took solid copper containers, filled each with 9 crystals and crystal-infused water, then buried them in three cities – Minneapolis, Memphis, and Cheyenne – forming an enormous triangle. At its center is Omaha, the seat of the grid, where a fourth container is buried. I sit on the ground with my ass directly on top of the crystal-filled copper container and with a compass I align myself first with Minneapolis. When I have that alignment, I eat a small amount of dirt from the Minneapolis location while listening to an ambient recording I made at the site. Once I have fully connected, I write. Then I shift my attention to Memphis and repeat the dirt eating and ambient recording. Then Cheyenne. Then I repeat the whole process two more times, making a total of 9 meditations …” (CAConrad)

– This text appears in Spike #58. You can buy it in our online shop –