Artist's Favourites

Cecilia Vicuña, Kara Walker, Sharon Carlisle, Gina Adams & Jennif(f)er Tamayo
 Kara Walker The Pool Party of Sardanapalus (after Delacroix, Kienholz)  (2017)

“I am interested in artists whose work grieves and dreams at the same time, an idea that the indigenous American activist and poet Sayra Pinto brought to my attention during an unforgettable walk on the Boston shore in 2015. On that freezing, blustery day, we took turns lifting shells from the sand, putting them to our ears, and listening. “What happens when you listen like this?” I asked. Sayra replied, “This is how ancestors speak to us. The ancestors need us to grieve for them, but they need us to dream for them too. One or the other is not enough.” The five artists I have chosen are ones whose work, for me, does not look away from oblivion, appropriation, or decay, yet at the same time incarnates through textures and interactions of many kinds.”

– This text appears in Spike #58. You can buy it in our online shop –