Artist's Favourites

Mika Rottenberg, Ana Maria Tavares, Lyubov Popova, Can Batlló & Charles Stankeviech

“For this article, I was happy to take a cue from Victor Papanek, one of the designers featured in this issue of Spike. Papanek offers a way of understanding designed objects as prosthetics for social realities we accept as natural. More importantly, those objects can be read in reverse to render these latent realities available for critique. I often work collaboratively with people from a wide range of disciplines including the sciences. For me it is important to create artworks with the tools and techniques that shape our everyday industrially produced lives, beyond merely depicting them. If we could truly create an image of capitalism it would already be over. For this reason, I have chosen artists that mobilise technical, pedagogical, and industrial infrastructures to create meaning.”

– This text appears in Spike #59. You can buy it in our online shop –