By Karl Holmqvist

“Let’s spin this a bit. Why only five you might wonder so I included six. Artist’s books are affordable especially compared to artists’ art, generally considered more “democratic” it’s something that anyone can pick up. They’re functional in that they are tradable (I make them too wink wink) and also kind of storable. You can bring them in a bag or just have them lie around the house. While perusing one you can have your mind travel in an instant. Just make it up. It’s good for you and also good for the environment and your carbon footprint. Then again that said I guess books are made of trees so even the more reason for you to look out for them take really good care and make sure for them to last as long as they possibly can. Or else just go walk in the forest.”


– This text appears in Spike #61. You can buy it in our online shop –