Artist's Favourites

"When tasked with coming up with a list of favourite things, my first impulse was to crawl through some of my channels to see if I could remind myself of my interests. is where I keep all my random thoughts, things to listen to, books I liked, books to read, ideas for artworks, mood boards, music links, nice images, etc, etc. It’s my mind away from my mind. For those not familiar with, it is maybe best described as an ambient social network, or Pinterest for spreadsheet types. It’s artist-run, has no ads, likes, or recommendations, and, well, just isn’t annoying. At the moment, it’s the only network I allow myself to use on my phone, and really my gateway to the web. So, after surfing for a bit, I decided, why not just write about five channels I have been looking at lately?" 

– This text appears in Spike #63. You can buy it in our online shop –