Curator's Key

Alex Bag's Untitled Fall '95
 Still from Alex Bag, Untitled Fall ’95

A curator talks about an artwork they keep coming back to.

"By the time I had enrolled in art school at the turn of the millennium, Alex Bag’s video Untitled Fall ’95 (1995) was being circulated among my classmates as a small act of resistance – precious comedic fuel for a budding skepticism. Nearly an hour long, Untitled Fall ’95 is episodic, featuring a young woman fresh from her small town who embarks on eight semesters of art school in New York, becoming both wizened and jaded in the process. Interspersed between her updates on her classes, romantic life, and shifting attitudes towards becoming an artist are other skits and segments that play off of 90s pop culture: a grungy phone sex ad, a bored British retail worker in a punk band, and a murder mystery played out with stuffed bunnies."  

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