Dead Ends

Say farewell to a decade
 Illustrations by Kurt Woerpel

To say farewell to the decade, Spike asked the writers Geoffrey Mak and Dominikus Müller to take a stand on some recently busted flushes. From postinternet to hipsters, from normcore to zombie formalism, they walk us through the ruins and pick over the leftovers.

I only read Frieze if it’s free. It smells like branded activation, art-fair SponCon. The website is too clean. I don’t want to read anything that has “Academy” in the main header. Frieze Academy is described as a “unique programme of talks” led by “creatives”– what is a creative? My editor at a fashion magazine told me that the two things we’re no longer allowed to do are: romanticise poverty and... 

– This text appears in Spike #62. You can buy it in our online shop –