Liliana Lewicka’s A Place for Rumination (1966) at the The First Symposium of Artists and Scientists in Puławy, Poland
 Liliana Lewicka’s  Miejsce do rozmyślań  (A Place for Rumination), 1966. Installation view, Puławy, Poland. Photograph: Eustachy Kossakowski

On the site of a nitrate plant in rural Poland in 1966, the government thought it would be a good idea to bring artists and labourers together to discuss new approaches to art and ecology. Farming and industry were the backdrop, and some invitees, among them Liliana Lewicka, had their own thoughts about the programme. Her installation of animal heads on stakes put death centre stage.

"The otherwise pastoral paths and sites surrounding the glade were disrupted by the noise of motorcycles tearing through."

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