Fashion has built a trap for itself. The most contemporary medium may still pride itself on being ahead of the curve, but it has fallen prey to a totalised corporate capitalist realism that is closing the door on a new generation. Where will it go with its need to rebel and experiment? By Jeppe Ugelvig

“But in the digital, post-Fordist fashion industrial complex of the late 2010s, this is the paradox: the industry craves “talent” but fails to ensure the actual livelihood of its freshest, most ingenious faces. Instead, the young fashion practitioners of today must forget about old romantic notions of stable, individual authorship, and fashion (pun intended) themselves as multi-skilled workers across design, manufacture, mediation, and promotion in order to make ends meet in the hyper-accelerated industry – by now as corporate as any other. Is it time to leave the fashion system behind and if so, where do we go?”


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