Field Notes

“The 80s were about doing whatever the hell you liked”
 From left to right: Herbert Brandl, Peter Pakesch, Heimo Zobernig, Franz West, 1987

"I can think of a memorable night with John Baldessari and Reinhard Priessnitz, and a lot of alcohol. The two of them were discussing the linguist Noam Chomsky, who everyone was talking about at the time. Priessnitz said that he had learned from Chomsky that art had no future. Baldessari said he had learnt precisely the opposite from Chomsky, and he could only make art because he had read Chomsky. Priessnitz found that utterly fascinating. Even months later, he would ask me when he could talk to Baldessari again because he found it so interesting that someone could see something so differently..."


– This text appears in Spike Art Quarterly #57. You can buy it in our online shop –