Interview Peter Kubelka

Cooking testifies to your situation in the universe

“Wasps are one of my animal friends. Not so much the bees, they are too efficiency minded, they only work and kill, but the wasps, they are vagabonds. [...] And then I found out later that when they come and steal something from your plate in autumn, they act like they are drunk, and in fact they are drunkards, and here we have another case of animals cooking: they make alcohol themselves. They find single grapes and open them up, and the grapes start to ferment inside, and their skin acts like a barrel. It protects the inside, and so inside these grapes you have alcohol, and the wasps know the grapes they have treated and come back and get royally drunk. So, this is another example of how we are nothing but one animal species among the others, and everybody who makes this religious border between animal and human cannot really think about the world…”

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