Invocations and impressions of a place that is not a place

 Anne Fellner,  Point No Point (Sage)  (2020). Oil, acrylic, and enamel on synthetic fabric, 137 x 195 cm. Courtesy Liste Expeditions

For the next year, Spike is inviting authors from around the world to write a freeform exploration centred on an artist of their choice from the Liste universe. We’re kicking things off this December with an essay by Leila Peacock on the painter Anne Fellner, presented in collaboration with Liste Expedition.

The series "Point No Point" (2020) comprises of five paintings. Three are landscapes, which hang unstretched and loosely depict a slice of rural coastline with what is discernible as a lighthouse on one side. The other two are hung, stretched, in portrait format, their forms echoing the structure and proportions of the coastline but flipped on its axis and left as a gravity-defying lattices of dripping pigment. Slipping between modes, Anne Fellner’s genre-fluid paintings draw us into an uncertain place between the act and the actual, where process, paint and perception all seem to play the role of protagonist.

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