The Mosquito by Nina Beier

"Much like a tech product, the body appears to be programmed to start breaking down after a while. Most computers do this after approximately three years; with humans it is maybe more like 22 years. This hopeless condition has created countless bottled-up complaints. Worthless white noise. But seemingly following the Zen maxim of turning weaknesses into strengths, a middle-aged inventor came up with a device: the Mosquito, known in France as the Beethoven. This is an electromechanical device emitting sound at high frequency. Since the ability to hear high frequencies deteriorates in humans with age, this contraption is used as a safety and security tool, preventing youths from congregating in specific areas, as this insufferable sound can only be heard by people below 25 years of age." 

NINA BEIER is an artist currently based in New York.