Pistachio green ecstasy

 Lili Reynaud-Dewar

I don't know what I am mumbling to Alan and his other friend from les Marbriers. But I mumble oh I like mumbling. I want to stay close to them. Feels warm. I think I make jokes but it may all be in my imagination maybe I don't even move my lips when I think I am actually having a conversation with them. They leave with their nice caps nice smiles nice fingers. In the hallway I say bye bye (maybe). I attempt to leave too but I feel embarrassed they might think I am following them and it's dark and cold and wet outside and I don't know where I am (anymore). I get back to the chill out dormitory. The place looks empty. I sit by Vitto Brodmann and try to speak or mumble but it doesn't seem to work for either of us. We smoke cigarettes (maybe). We are sitting on the mattresses moving our heads up and down.  Balthazar Lovay looks more animated. Animated feels more exact than lively in this instance. I remember there are DJs playing in this space (maybe). There has been all night. I lie down on a mattress. I think that the DJs are probably looking at me cuddled in my coat making comfortable for a long sleep in the dormitory. I think I should be the one looking at them. And listening to them. I think I have to fly back to Vienna in the evening. It is so good to lie down finally. I close my eyes and think about Pistachio Green novelties in comparison with my old navy blue coat. I need a new coat and a good friend. I like being uncool, at least I have this, together with the remaining effects of the drug. Very physical effects, oh yes lying down and preparing to sleep in a public space is so good. So good. 

Lili Reynaud-Dewar is an artist based in Grenoble and Geneva.