Portrait: Florentina Holzinger

Florentina Holzinger
 TANZ , 2019 Performance view, City of Women, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 2019 Renee Copraij, Trixie Schoenherr, Netti Nueganen, Veronica Thompson, Laura Stokes, Florentina Holzinger  © Nada Zgank 

Think of ballet: fairy-like creatures in white tutus, floating movements, en pointe, elegant choreographies with effortless-looking poses resulting from years of drills and discipline. All this is deconstructed in Florentina Holzinger’s performances. Subverting ballet’s obsession with total control, the Austrian choreographer favours forms of body discipline that originate in martial arts, extreme gymnastics, and circus acts, which she uses to create a kind of dance that is brutal, provocative, and thrilling.

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