Things We Like


“Hiro Hamada is a fourteeen-year-old boy living in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. He, his group of friends, and a robot form ‘Big Hero 6’, a superhero squad that resolutely and selflessly confronts a mysterious masked man with an armada of mini-robots. It’s a huge nerdy adventure. But the real attraction of this film, which was released in US cinemas in 2014, is the robot, Baymax. A healthcare provider, the inflatable first-aider records your temperature via ambient heat, analyses your symptoms in a matter of seconds, knows all the pharmaceutical tricks and – when the going gets tough – has defibrillators in the palms of his hands. With his gentle voice he says things like: “It’s alright to cry. Crying is the natural response to pain,” or “would you like a hug?” He confronts every attack – physical or polemical – to which he is exposed over the course of the film with gentleness, intellect, and empathy. Whenever the world around me is too chaotic and cruel, I wish Baymax were there to hold my hand.” – Janett Krückemeier


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