Barbara Casavecchia

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Thinking of... (1993)

Within the booming art market of the 1980s, Philippe Thomas radically called into question the star system of the time. On an artist who exposed the paradoxical entanglements of commerce, art, and authorship to set the terms of his own self-erasure. By Barbara Casavecchia

 Gelitin Fumami (2017)

Fumami (2017)

By Barbara Casavecchia

The artist is best known for paintings celebrating the “ecstatic unity” of her relationship with the artist Dieter Roth. She was connected to Fluxus, but too uncompromising in how she brought her personal life, identity and sexuality into her art to be considered part of its canon. By Barbara Casavecchia

 Julia Scher Surveillance Bed III , 1994 180 x 240 x 180 cm

Julia Scher
Surveillance Bed III, 1994
180 x 240 x 180 cm

We all know that transparency is no longer a magic formula that automatically leads to greater emancipation. By contrast, in order to win back a piece of humanity and freedom, we will have to become our own censors. In various recent artworks Barbara Casavecchia finds the building blocks for a new culture of silence.

 AP News

AP News

It’s difficult to say what Tobias Madison actually does. The Swiss artist shuttles between refusal and participation, withdrawal and exposure, community spirit and calculated outsourcing. In doing so, he works his way along the edges of found formats: the work, the exhibition, as well as the figure of the “young” artist.