Federica Bueti

Beatriz González at KW Institute for Contemporary Art by Federica Bueti, Henrike Naumann at Galerie im Turm and Irina Rastorgueva & Thomas Martin BQ by Penny Rafferty in Berlin; Cady Noland at MMK by Bob Nickas in Frankfurt; Jörg Immendorf at Haus der Kunst by Daniela Stöppel in Munich; Mary Beth Edelson at Kunsthalle Münster by Alex Scrimgeour

 Las Nietas de Nonó Ilustraciones de la Mecánica  (2016–18, documentation of the performance on 8 June 2018)  Courtesy Las Nietas de Nonó; Photo: Timo Ohler

Las Nietas de Nonó, Ilustraciones de la Mecánica; (2016–18, performance 8 June 2018), Courtesy Las Nietas de Nonó; Photo: Timo Ohler

Federica Bueti on how this year's Berlin Biennale sidesteps the normative force of refusal to open up different sets of questions and engagements with art.