Chloe Stead

 Student postest at Cooper Union

Student protest at Cooper Union

Status Quo Art School. How do art academies change in the course of a world run by a liberal-minded creative industries? How should art schools respond to the financialisation of higher education? Can art schools maintain their autonomy as sites of independent teaching and learning? In the first of a series of pieces tackling the future of art education to be published on Spike Online in the coming months, Chloe Stead writes on the student activists of Free Cooper Union and on protest as a learning experience.

 Still from Sponge Bob Square Pants

Still from Sponge Bob Square Pants

Spike’s current editorial intern is angry. The art world doesn't pay its assistants and interns, so in her other life Chloe Stead serves burgers. She has found allies in artists and activists who oppose the culture of unpaid work and calls on us all to do the same.