Leonora Carrington,  Tuesday  (1946)

Leonora Carrington, Tuesday (1946)

In his first column of 2022, Dean Kissick comes to us with a parable – a prophecy from the smoke of the Sacred City.

Lady Gaga, Dawn of Chromatica (2021) 

It’s September. When the kids go back to school, what do the adults return to? Tradition? Seasonal basics? Cyberstalking like it’s the early aughts? Natasha Stagg reflects on summer’s wind-down for the final Out of State of 2021.

Gauntlett Cheng’s A/W 2018 runway show, featuring canine companions. Photo: Chris Thomas

In lieu of this year’s New York Fashion Week, Natasha Stagg gets a front row seat to the weird pet parade. 

 Tombstone, Arizona.

Tombstone, Arizona.

With an uptick in breakthrough cases and breakups, what’s left in New York? The shambles of the Astor Place Kmart, some piecemeal conspiracy theories about who controls it all – models, probably – and the Friends Experience (not to be confused with having friends).

 FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

Good poetry and graceful aging might be casualties of the reality TV era, but at least we can all star in our own private dramas – or opt out and gossip anonymously. 

 Madonna in  Dangerous Game  (1993)

Madonna in Dangerous Game (1993)

From cult classic to Cannes, Abel Ferrara is the uncancellable auteur par excellence. Natasha Stagg settles in with the popcorn to muse on his silver-screen retrospective.

In unseasonably California (home of Joan Didion and serial killers galore), Natasha Stagg considers the perils of America's increasingly confusing corona-culture.