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 Rafaël Rozendaal, Times Square  Midnight Moment (2015). Photo: Michael Wells

Rafaël Rozendaal, Times Square Midnight Moment (2015). Photo: Michael Wells

Rafaël Rozendaal has been making digital art for two decades, and he’s unfazed by the rise of Web3. In this conversation with Spike, he explores how websites are like poetry, dishes some lessons in exhibiting digital work, and argues in favour of keeping the punk spirit alive in NFTs. 

 Screenshot von „Brandon", 1998

Claire L. Evans on "Brandon", a groundbreaking cyberfeminist work by artist and sci-fi filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang from 1998.

August 11 2016, with Tilman Baumgärtel, Josephine Bosma, and Stephan Schwingeler

Alexander Scrimgeour talks to Ben Vickers about networks and institutions, new community-based social models, and the London post-Internet scene.

 Noam in front of his dads sculpture 

Noam in front of his dads sculpture 

Harm van den Dorpel on "having kids in the art world"