Jon Rafman, Bitsa Park (Bitsevski Park) Moscow, Russia, 2010
Archival pigment print on alu dibond, framed
Courtesy of the artist and Future Gallery, Berlin

Emma Charles, Fragments on Machines, Production still, 2013


“Nervous Systems – Quantified Life and the Social Question”
Installation view, The White Room
© Laura Fiorio / Haus der Kulturen der Welt

 Photo: Kate Young

Portrait of Jacob Appelbaum 

Photo: Kate Young

If the art world has the image of a non-transparent, nepotistic closed circle, what happens when hackers claim their place in it? And more importantly why go into art when you could hack the system?

Jacob Appelbaum, internet activist and journalist, played an important role in the publication of the Snowden documents and the revelation of the spied-on mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The 33-years-old hacker talks with us about his first solo art exhibition in Berlin and why this city is a magnet for freedom fighters.