Out of State

 Still from Buffalo 66 (1998)

Still from Buffalo 66 (1998)

A Summer Chronicle, part 2: NATASHA STAGG is in love, only wants to buy designer underwear and tells us why she enjoys going to strip clubs

Lady Gaga, Dawn of Chromatica (2021) 

It’s September. When the kids go back to school, what do the adults return to? Tradition? Seasonal basics? Cyberstalking like it’s the early aughts? Natasha Stagg reflects on summer’s wind-down for the final Out of State of 2021.

Gauntlett Cheng’s A/W 2018 runway show, featuring canine companions. Photo: Chris Thomas

In lieu of this year’s New York Fashion Week, Natasha Stagg gets a front row seat to the weird pet parade. 

Sex is Comedy (2002) dir. Catherine Breillat

Why does film  an art form built on stardom, visual pleasure, and control – have such a persistent sexual misconduct problem? It's an industry full of either monsters or geniuses, depending on who you ask. 

 Tombstone, Arizona.

Tombstone, Arizona.

With an uptick in breakthrough cases and breakups, what’s left in New York? The shambles of the Astor Place Kmart, some piecemeal conspiracy theories about who controls it all – models, probably – and the Friends Experience (not to be confused with having friends).

 FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

Good poetry and graceful aging might be casualties of the reality TV era, but at least we can all star in our own private dramas – or opt out and gossip anonymously. 

 Madonna in  Dangerous Game  (1993)

Madonna in Dangerous Game (1993)

From cult classic to Cannes, Abel Ferrara is the uncancellable auteur par excellence. Natasha Stagg settles in with the popcorn to muse on his silver-screen retrospective.

In unseasonably California (home of Joan Didion and serial killers galore), Natasha Stagg considers the perils of America's increasingly confusing corona-culture. 

A yoga class in the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in New York.

As cinemas reopen and "immersive" art experiences flood New York with their competing ads, Natasha Stagg wonders if we've lost the plot. Is reality still our north star, or has it been eclipsed by a collective fiction?

 Beau Brummell Social Club. Tucson, Arizona.

Beau Brummell Social Club. Tucson, Arizona.

These days, you can monetize anything, or so the Internet has us believe. Natasha Stagg has a secret talent that might be profitable, if only she would stop giving it away for free.

 Photo: Natasha Stagg

Photo: Natasha Stagg

Even in a summer of change, some things remain the same. NATASHA STAGG’s column is back. This week, for the first installment, she observes that certain constants – like FOMO and self-delusion – are here to stay.

 Edouard Manet, Bouquet de Violettes,  1872 as seen on the cover of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal  

Edouard Manet, Bouquet de Violettes, 1872 as seen on the cover of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, 1857

A Summer Chronicle, part 6: Poetry may be dead, but the confession reigns. NATASHA STAGG on the power of erratic tell-alls.

 Film still, Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water (1962)

Film still, Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water (1962)

A Summer Chronicle, part 5: NATASHA STAGG discusses her love of decadent psychological thrillers while she goes sailing in Mallorca

 Sharon Tate as Jennifer North in the film version of  Valley of the Dolls  (1967). Photograph: www.ronaldgrantarchive.com

Sharon Tate as Jennifer North in the film version of Valley of the Dolls (1967). Photograph: www.ronaldgrantarchive.com


A Summer Chronicle, part 4: NATASHA STAGG watches Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and reflects on the culture that engendered Sharon Tate and Marilyn Monroe's tragic stardom.

 Sill from  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen  (1988)

Sill from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

A Summer Chronicle, part 3: NATASHA STAGG talks about how vanity has changed and reflects on what her favourite movies have in common

 Stella McCartney's 2017 Ad Campaign

Stella McCartney’s 2017 ad campaign

A Summer Chronicle, part 1: NATASHA STAGG is back with her summer column and draws the connections between consumerism, waste, sustainability, and the intangibility of identity