Wiener Festwochen

 Photo: Jeff Busby

Photo: Jeff Busby

How will our lives be when AI rules the world? Back to Back Theatre’s new play at the Wiener Festwochen provides a theory.

 Annalise van Even in  Echoic Choir  (2021). Photo: Paris Tsitsos

Annalise van Even in Echoic Choir (2021). Photo: Paris Tsitsos

This year's Wiener Festwochen gets all up in your business. Read Klaus Speidel's review, originally published in Spike #69 – STORYTELLING. 

 DJ Nigga Fox Photo: Marta Pina

DJ Nigga Fox
Photo: Marta Pina

Joel Mu and Marlene Engel on the Wiener Festwochen's electronic music festival Hyperreality and its roots in content, community and culture