Announcing our new Contributing Editors

Beginning with Issue #67, The Sports Issue, which will be out in early April, Spike is delighted to announce our new contributing editors... Our MVPs, if you will.

Ingrid Luquet-Gad

Ingrid studied philosophy in Paris and Berlin, where she used to dance front-right and always bring a book to the club – the tote-bag tied under the DJ-booth with a copy of Derrida was surely hers. In the mid-2010s, she got into art while researching speculative realism and accelerationism, and is currently the arts editor of a French weekly culture magazine, Les Inrockuptibles.

Jaime Chu

Jaime is an editor, critic, and translator from Hong Kong currently based in Beijing. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College and used to work in book publishing. Her writing on contemporary art and cultural criticism has appeared in Spike, The Nation, The Baffler, Groove, and Telekom Electronic Beats. A career peak, her roommate once said to her, “I can’t imagine you being at work.”

Jeppe Ugelvig

Jeppe hails from an ancient Viking town in the South of Denmark, but went to high school in India, fashion school in London, recently, curatorial school in upstate New York. He has never had an actual job; instead, he’s spent his years as an itinerant freelancer, copy-writing for luxury eyewear brands, teaching at NYU, and curating a museum show about the 17th-century witch-hunts in the Nordic region. Incidentally, precarious cultural labour has become a specialism of his, which materialized in a book, Fashion Work , in 2020.

Victoria Campbell

Victoria is one half of the artist-duo Campbell Carolan, and as a writer, she’s waxed poetic in our pages about tarot cards, moon-landing conspiracy theories, and off-space Biennials. But she also, so she tells us, moonlights as a spin doctor in the age of cancel culture, and taught sex ed as institutional critique at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University. Victoria writes to us from an apolitical, hedonist commune located in the Bronx.

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