Portrait: E'Wao Kagoshima

The Obliterating Machine
 Overtime (Black Fate), 2008, Oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm

New York’s art world is filled with careerists, but it is also filled with those who consciously moved away from the art machine, pursuing their practice without the steady support of galleries or institutions. E’wao Kagoshima, nearly eighty years old, falls into this latter category. For those who have encountered him he is known as an eccentric, a painter who brings his brush with him everywhere he goes, treating the city as his canvas and marketplace. 

"I first encountered E’wao Kagoshima’s art at the White Columns Annual in 2012, where a singular painting of his stood out and grabbed me from a large group show. The piece, a small, bizarre depiction of smiling anthropomorphic trains bursting through an abstraction, was entitled Overtime (2018)." 

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