Portrait: Women's History Museum

The New York-based duo behind the label Women’s History Museum have managed to smuggle a political attitude through the back door of fashion, making things up as they go along, ignoring seasonal col- lections and traditional runway shows in favour of impromptu art exhibitions and collaborative, unwearable xenofashion. Without for- mal training in either art or fashion, Amanda McGowan and Mattie Rivkah Barringer make work out of the scraps and reused pieces other designers would rather leave behind. It’s not haute, but it’s couture.

"This clothing is nothing if not unwearable : clasps, straps, buckles, and broken appliqués gesture towards the Draconian elements of Western industrial production and trap wearers in an in nite cycle of getting dressed ."

– This text appears in Spike #64 . You can buy it in our online shop